Canyon Rapids

6) Chapter Six

The Captured Flag

Convincing her parents not to take punitive action against her pack was not easy but Last Bitch Standing was able to strike a compromise. If she could get the unnamed wolves and the ronin to meet with one of the elders in the Camp AND if that elder agreed to recognize them until the next Rite of the Name (which is actually the next moot in March) then this act of near criminal defiance would be deferred for the time being.

The Spring Equinox isn’t until the end of next month but several of the elders will already be on site preparing the Camp for that meeting.

The usual approach to the camp is by river raft.

Upon reaching the entrance of the camp the pack finds Rocks in Brooks beaten and near death. Their careful ministering revived her and she reported that the camp had fallen to the Red Ridinghoods.

Reconnaissance of the camp revealed the numbers and location of the enemy and the pack planned their attack.

Aaron drew the Behemoth away from the bear cave and into an ambush at the edge of the canyon. Caleb saved Poppy from going over the edge during the fight and the pack successfully forced the beast over the edge an into the raging rapids below.

Before approaching the ’Hood with her back against the fractured Glass Stone the pack decided to leave Liam at the edge of the clearing. Once they entered, they were each face to face with a doppleganger of others in the pack. Confused and cautious they delayed. Meanwhile, Liam noticed the potential for danger and, while the enemy was distracted, crept in and brained her with a stone.

The healing tree had been stripped and was being drained of its energy by three of the vile foe. One by one, the arhoun of the pack swept in like an avenging storm and made quick, bloody work of them. (For the record, this was my favorite visual effect of the entire night!)

The final front was the foursome of lightning fast, silver wielding girls that had desecrated the Field of Honor. Poppy fashioned a fire bomb to establish control of the battle field while the other engaged in combat. Some of them had never felt the wicked fire of silver but not even that could stop them from destroying the last of the enemy in their camp.

(xp 5, Temporary Renown 5 in any combination and in addition to the honor awarded during specific scenes)


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