Canyon Rapids

5) chapter five

Hell with the fire out.

Shortly after the 2013 Winter Solstice gathering at the Canyon Rapids Camp, Pappy (Small Quiet Voice’s granddad) gets in touch with the loyal members of her pack.

“Listen, I know we’ve had our history but I’m counting on your history and loyalty with her. I sent her down to check up on an old friend, Little Tom, in Tule Lake California. He found something strange in a taxidermy job he was doing. It was supposed to be a milk run, nothing too terrible. Just find out what Tom needed and get back to me so I could figure out what to do next. Well, she made it to Tom’s alright but he called me yesterday and said he hasn’t heard from her in a couple days. I can’t track her either. I can’t go down there myself, long story, but I know you’re all important to her. I’m hoping she’s important to you too.”

A good meeting place is Black Bear Cafe in Klamath Falls (where the pack launched their investigation of the winter wilderness survival camp). Here, two other wolves join the pack.

Travel to Tule Lake is easy enough. Little Tom is a well known figure in the area due to the fact that he’s a midget taxidermist.

The pack stops at the Black Bear Cafe in Klamath Falls where they are joined by two new wolves before continuing on to Tule Lake. Little Tom explains the strange thing he found in what seemed to be a rabid coyote and that he’d sent Amber to meet with James Schonchin, a ranger at the visitor center.

After meeting with the ranger, they were able to decipher the journal of Captain Ezra Crandle. On their way to one of the sites mentioned in the journal, the pack took a detour to hunt down a man that became violent in one of the caves. After taking care of the situation, they noticed a dark link to the man from somewhere on the other side of the gauntlet.

They crossed the gauntlet and found that the trauma of the Modoc war had trapped a portion of the battle field in a pocket like amber.

They met with Johnny’s Woman who told them of the Medicine Flag and that Amber had been captured by the Union troops. Then they went to the Union camp where they learned the Crandle was at the site of Canby’s murder.

(session xp 3 +1 for Rich based on group vote)


Having learned the location of the prison camp, the pack made way for the site of General Canby’s ill fated peace negotiation. There they found Small Quiet Voice, the three spirits of the Medicine Flag and another stranger guarded by a mixed squad of Modoc and Union warriors that were, in actuality, servants of the Wyrm. During the battle Last Bitch Standing, Runs at Front and the stranger lost themselves to the fury of the beast. The chaos of the battle allowed both Captain Crandle and Black Heart to escape.

After securing the cooperation of the spirits, the pack crossed over the gauntlet to secure the Medicine Flag from the physical version of the Stronghold. They learned that they were miles away from where they had entered the Umbra (Golden Cave) so they found a ride to where they had parked the RV. To their horror, they learned that the few hours they had spent at the battle of Captain Jack’s Stronghold had equated to four days. The RV had been towed and LSB’s parents had been notified. The clock is ticking.

(session xp 4 +1 for Rachel’s role play of Liam’s backstory)


Last Bitch Standing stayed behind to deal with her parents and the RV while the rest of the slipped back into the war torn pocket realm of the Umbra. They met Johnny’s Woman and the spirits of the Medicine flag to discuss how they could end the war and heal the rift between the worlds. The spirits were very suspicious of the pack’s motive but they agreed that if Blackheart could be defeated, they would allow themselves to be bound once again to the Medicine Flag. The challenge, of course, was finding the enemy in its own stronghold of the Catacomb Caves.

The plan was to secure explosives, lure Blackheart out of the cave and kick its ass. Poppy set the explosives to collapse the tunnel behind their prey thereby cutting off the army of bane reinforcements. Caleb convinced a Jack Rabbit to gift him a disguise making him appear to be Captain Jack. Liam then used his special talents to mock the voice of the Modoc chief and taunt Blackheart from his lair.

The battle was epic. Blackheart had taken the form of a great wyrm as he tossed the pack around the battle field like rag dolls. In the end, however, the pack pulled together and began operating as a unit of wolves rather than a collect of individuals. They were able to overcome the beast and meet the demands of the spirits of the Medicine flag.

Though the war in this pocket realm will continue, the taint of the Wyrm could no longer cross the gauntlet here to infect the physical world.

(session xp 6, end of story xp 5, all players receive 15 temporary renown to use in any combination of Honor, Wisdom, Glory)


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