Canyon Rapids

2) chapter two

Riding in the Hood

Receiving a call for assistance from another member of the Canyon Rapids Camp, the pack gathers in the college community surrounding Pullman and Moscow. There they become embroiled in a mystery as they seek to find out what has been targeting and killing local Garou.

With the discovery of video taped records of Garou activity, the pack learns of a naturalist with the uncanny ability to identify the wolf hiding in flock. Using this knowledge, the scientist is conducting research in the hopes of finding a cure for the genetic disorder of lycanthropy.

The arrival of enigmatic men in black style agents complicates the investigation as they manage to eliminate key witnesses and crucial evidence.

Finally it is learned that a pack of young girls have been using an experimental drug that enabled them to attack and killed several suspected werewolves. A final confrontation at a local bon fire party exposes the clandestine research and experiments in the creation of a biological weapon against the Garou.


coyotewalkingtall coyotewalkingtall

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