Boxie Rox

First of the Last,


The wolf known as Eats Scraps was the runt of the litter. He ate last, if he ate at all. When members of the pack needed to prove how powerful they were, they did it by attacking Scraps. Such was the life of an omega but it was a life.

Then came the thing from the sky. It flew like an eagle but it was not an eagle. The not eagle flew over the pack chasing them through the fields of their home territory. There was a sound that was not thunder from the not eagle and Fangs on Elk Throat stopped moving. There was more not thunder that made other pack mates stop moving.

Then the not eagle came to the ground and something came out of it. It walked on two legs like a bear sometimes did but it was not a bear. Two other not bears came out and started to gather up the not moving pack mates.

Scraps was hiding in the bush when one of the not bears saw him. He had nowhere to run and the not bear caught him and dragged him to the not storm.

Scraps was taken into the air for a long way before the not eagle landed. There were other not bears there that took Scraps and put him in a box with hard sticks that were not sticks. Scraps lived in the not sticks box for a long time.

While he lived there, Scraps found out that he could hear what the not bears were saying. One of the not bears, someone the others called ducter, said “That wolf is as dumb as a box of rock”. That was how Eats Scraps got the new name of Boxie Rox.

Ducter kept trying to make Boxie angry but Boxy knew better. If he was quiet and let the others bite him, they would get bored and might leave some food behind. This did not make ducter happy. She really wanted Boxie to be angry and mean.

One day, the ducter poked Boxie with something that was not a porcupine quill. Boxie started feeling nervous and started pacing the not sticks box. Then ducter started poking Boxie with a hot stick that made his fur smell funny and stand on end. This made Boxie afraid. Being afraid made Boxie mad. Being mad made Boxie get big. Getting big made the not sticks easy to break. Breaking the not sticks made it easy for Boxie to make ducter stop moving.

Boxie made a lot of not bears stop moving that day.

Boxie Rox

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