Canyon Rapids

4) chapter four
Howling mad

The Hook
Jumps At Fireflies reaches out to each pack member in turn to relate this tale:

The steady rhythm of the wheels against the rails lulls Jumps at Fireflies as the freight train pushes through the open fields of northern Washington. As it slows through a village, Jumps is aware of another rider joining him in the car. She is young, not as young as Quiet maybe the same age as Howls in Song. The familiar scent of a traveler barely covers the sudden fear as she sees a mangy dog in the car with her. The chill of the early spring finally draws girl and wolf together to share each others warmth.

As the miles race by under the speeding wheels the girl talks and Jumps listens. She talks of the life she left and the hope for a new life ahead of her. She mourns the loss of her mother. She rages at the treatment of her father in a place she called Vancouver Royal Hospital. Then she sleeps.

It was late and the girl was still sleeping when the thing climbed into the car. Jumps at Fireflies woke immediately to the stench of the tainted beast that was invading his space. The beast ignores the wolf and leaps at the girl. Jumps meets it mid leap and they tumble to the floor waking the girl. The fight is over quickly. There is little that can match the claws of the Garou.

The beast is a horrible mutation of a man. The face looks like a steel pipe caved it in from forehead to chin but it is obvious that it has grown that way and was not due to an injury. The arms end in three razor sharp talons. The chest has a bony, spiked ridge. The coat the beast is wearing bears the initials VRH above the pocket.

The girl, now fully aware of what she is sharing the box car with, is not afraid. Behind her, just on the other side of the Umbra, stands a Rat spirit what the tattered remains of a similar VRH robe in its teeth. This is clearly a sign that the Wyrm is at work and that Jumps at Fireflies needs to do the work of Gaia.

Her name is Cassie Meyers, and the VRH is in Vancouver, BC. Let’s meet up there to see what we can find out about this place. Jumps at Fireflies reached out to his mentor, Wiley Saw, and got some leads. Once we’re there we can probably crash at the Hastings YMCA, given that the woman Wiley knew up there still works there, her name is Julie Green and she knew Wiley as the Monk. He also told me about a place called the Crime Scene Bar and Grill. Keep your cards close to your vest in this shithole, if we’re smart and maybe even a bit rough with the captain of the ‘Bon Chovey’ a guy named Jason is the captain, and we can’t trust him further than we can see him, if we need a boat, don’t know why we would."

I’ve had to update the bit up there some as I was confused about the role of the boat captain, we will still need to find another way across the border, probably just cross in wolf form for those of us who can’t legally do so otherwise. -Eman

Street Rat’s Report From Christhill Island
I can’t believe I get cell coverage out here, I guess that signal booster I borrowed from my last paying gig really does work. Awesome! Anyway, here’s a rundown of events so far. I especially want to keep Small Quiet Voice in the loop since her parents wouldn’t let her come.

We crossed to Canada – some of us in wolf form some of us legally as humans. We set up camp and did some initial research. We found out that the hospital had a long history of abusing patients, and that despite numerous “investigations” nothing ever changed. We found out about a recently terminated guard, and interviewed him to find out what the set-up on-island was like. He reported that there were no guns and most guards weren’t allowed access to patients, they were more concerned with controlling who had access to the compound.

Jumps at Fireflies reported back that he had talked to some local vagrants about the hospital and that people had two views of the hospital: people were either glad that the unpleasant homeless were being removed from the streets, or upset that only the poor and downtrodden were being institutionalized. Everyone agreed that Christhall Island (where Vancouver Royal Hospital is located) is as close as you can get to hell, and that nobody who was taken there ever came back.

With this information, Jumps and I decided to have a look around the island, since we’re a bit harder to spot than most. We saw smoke coming from the parking lot, and that the gate at the island-end of the bridge was crashed outwards. Looking around a bit more we saw four hunched figures in the distance who were really tall with long arms, and smelled awful. We suspected they were fomori, and got the hell off of that island until we could get reinforcements.

After calling everyone together, we headed back to the island where we set up in the woods to the right of the bridge. As soon as we got there, four of the creatures came at us (they must have smelled us scoping and planned for our return.) I’ll leave the details of the fight to someone else, but after a long and exhausting fight we managed to overpower them (no thanks to myself, I really need to learn to fight better, maybe someone can help me train a bit after this?)

3) chapter three
Ash Falling in Snow

A surprise meeting with his former Marine drill instructor causes Aaron to send a gathering howl to his pack mates. In a local café in Klamath Falls, they are told of a bio terrorist organization known as Ash Walkers. It is suspected that the Ash is planning to test a new bio weapon on a survival camp in the wilderness around Crater Lake.

Posing as students of an alternative school and supplied with a list of four suspects, the pack infiltrates Mazama Highlands and begins their investigation. Each of the suspects seems to have something to hide but there is no clear evidence of ill intent.

A sudden storm leaves the remote camp site cut off even further from civilization.

After one of the campers if found dying on the ice, the camp’s generator is destroyed by a bear. This sets the camp on high alert and forces all of the kids into the mess hall where they can be kept warm, fed and safe. More bizarre animal encounters including a pack of wolves attempting to hunt down one of the kids leads to the discovery that the spirit of the injured girl has been “soul riding” animals in her quest for retribution on those who attacked her.

Through clever investigation and after hours of research, the pack discovers that the camp pastor was exposing the kids to a genetically modified virus on behalf of the Ash Walkers.

2) chapter two
Riding in the Hood

Receiving a call for assistance from another member of the Canyon Rapids Camp, the pack gathers in the college community surrounding Pullman and Moscow. There they become embroiled in a mystery as they seek to find out what has been targeting and killing local Garou.

With the discovery of video taped records of Garou activity, the pack learns of a naturalist with the uncanny ability to identify the wolf hiding in flock. Using this knowledge, the scientist is conducting research in the hopes of finding a cure for the genetic disorder of lycanthropy.

The arrival of enigmatic men in black style agents complicates the investigation as they manage to eliminate key witnesses and crucial evidence.

Finally it is learned that a pack of young girls have been using an experimental drug that enabled them to attack and killed several suspected werewolves. A final confrontation at a local bon fire party exposes the clandestine research and experiments in the creation of a biological weapon against the Garou.

1) chapter one
Rite of Naming

Within a year of their first change a group of adolescents meet with their mentors for a raft trip down the wild rapids in southern Idaho. They are introduced to the Canyon Rapids Camp, a collection of five packs of Garou that meet at the solstice and equinox, and are initiated through a series of test, trials and challenges. Each of these encounters trains them in who they are and how best to use the gifts their blood line and moon birth have given them.

Over the course of the ten days each earns their name and is recognized as member of the Camp. Their final lesson is taught to them during a punishment rite. “There are rules for a reason and there are reasons to break the rules.”

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