The Five Packs

Canyon Rapids Camp has traditionally been divided into five packs. Each pack recruits both within and outside of the ranks of the Camp. The Council of Elders is chosen from among the packs but that does not ensure that each pack is represented on the council.

The Five Packs are subject to change. As packs become weak the are driven from the Camp. Packs that act as a whole in defiance of Council law or Litany are exiled leaving room for another pack to complete the five.

Currently, the Five Packs consist of:

  • Last Ones (runts, outcasts and omegas)
  • Storm Chaser (the more dangerous the task the better)
  • Blood (man has no place in Gaia’s grand plan)
  • Glass Canyon (the enemy lives in the city, where better to home the hunters?)
  • Howling Wind (give peace a chance THEN tear out the throat)

Recently, a group of former pups seems to have formed up another pack, called .. Pack XI. It’s like a sense, but it’s a pack.

The Five Packs

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